Orford Parish Boys Are Elsewhere

Hey! Just a quick note to say that Orford Parish’s own Joseph Pastula has a story that will be in this month’s Turn to Ash vol. 2, so you should go ahead and preorder that now. Our own Tom Breen has a story in Ravenwood #2, so you know what? What the heck, go ahead and get yourself a copy of that, too.

We’re also still accepting submissions for the New England folk horror anthology, and the editor is hankering to read some good stuff, so please send good stuff to them.

Probably, there will be some news here soon about the next chap book. Hint: it’s got stories in it.


News about Them Orford Boys

Some people might say Orford Parish is the publishing arm of a bizarre cult of two, producing material unwanted or unpublishable by anyone else. WELL, TO THAT, WE SAY “HORSEFEATHERS.”

Just this past week, we received notice that our own Joe Pastula’s “Midnight in the Desert” has been accepted for publication in “Turn To Ash Vol. 2: Open Lines,” and our Tom Breen’s collaboration with Matthew M. Bartlett, “The Long-Lost Parent,” has been accepted for an upcoming issue of STRANGE AEONS Magazine.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, haters!


Orford Parish Ephemera Collection

Courtesy of friend-O-the-Parish Raymond Majerski, here’s a selection of buttons that illustrate various aspects of our town’s storied history: the brief time in the early 1960s when the town government was controlled by a political party consisting of sentient bears (or, as opponents charged, humans dressed as bears); the town motto “We’re Closer Than You Think!”; and Orford Parish’s historically fraught relationship with the Society of Friends. Thank you, Ray. These are awesome!