OUT NOW: “All Lights Will Forever After Be Dim,” by Joseph Pastula

plaine cover

These stories take us to the crowded subway platforms and red-light districts of Tokyo, where he has lived and worked since 2003. In the humid days of the interminable rainy season, in the hideous rites at forgotten temples in the hinterland, and in the humdrum lives of bored and desperate salarymen, Pastula locates a unique blend of cosmic horror and urban paranoia. These are the nightmares a great metropolis whispers to itself, the uncanny dread behind the high-tech and prosperous facade.

Heralding the arrival of an exciting new voice in weird horror, these stories will burrow deep into your nightmares, and leave you unsettled and uneasy long after you’ve closed the book …

“As unique and masterful a collection as I’ve seen in some time. It’s messing with my dreams.” – Matthew M. Bartlett, author of Gateways to Abomination and Creeping Waves

Available now in Print

or eBook


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