New Content coming soon

Hey get ready to mash that “Buy It Now” button soon, like mid-June soon, because there’s another Orford Parish release ready to drop around then. Hush-hush for now, but it’s by Breen and Pastula and concerns a beloved symbol of freedom. Get all restless until then.

New book from Joseph Pastula!


Joseph Pastula’s eerie new illustrated volume “Little Oren and the Noises” is available today, and you can click the heck over here to get your hands on a copy.

The book is ostensibly a children’s fable, told through gorgeous illustrations, that in reality is a haunting exploration of the desire for solitude even to the point of self-annihilation. It’s exactly the kind of thing we plan to do here at Orford Parish Books: produce sui generis material that doesn’t fit easily into predigested categories like horror or weird or fantasy or what have you.

If “The New Wave of Weird” or the “Weird Renaissance” or any of those terms represent anything, it should be uncategorizable works like this one, meant to unsettle rather than to shock, and to linger in the imagination long after you’ve forgotten the latest vampire prequel.

Good stuff. Exciting times. Buy this book! 

Howdy, neighbor!

Welcome to the online home of Orford Parish Books, the leading purveyor of strange fiction in the town of Orford Parish, USA. We’ll be using this space to showcase work, promote our friends, curse our enemies, cause shipwrecks through alphabet magic, and keep you updated on our thoughts about the hottest conspiracy theories around (hint: Dwight Eisenhower isn’t dead!).

For a better sense of what we’re about, read this interview with Tom Breen that our friends at Muzzleland Press conducted. You can also find the Orford Parish Downtown Improvement District over on Facebook, which goes some distance toward answering the burning question: “So what is your ‘deal,’ anyway?”

Thanks for dropping by! I hope all the wailing and lamentations don’t alarm you. It’s just a regular Tuesday night around here.